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It is JMP the Label's committed efforts to continue looking for innovative ways to help the world and to have minimal impact on the environment as a fashion brand. We work with our factories to implement eco-friendly practices, like creating collections utilizing upcycled and recycled materials to reduce our carbon footprint & fabric waste. Many JMP The Label collections are using our signature recycled fabrics, which are created with a blend of recycled nylon fibers and used as often as possible. A fabric upcycling program has been implemented with our manufacturer, where unused fabric scraps are used by local villagers to make other items, like bags and dolls, that they sell to further support the local villages of Bali.

JMP The Label has developed a compostable mailer (that composts in 180 days!) in which the brand sends its goods to you, made of a combination of biobased polymer and plant materials (like field corn and wheat straw) which makes it a low-impact resource. Inside your package, we pack your new JMP swimsuit in a cute reusable silicone bag to help store wet swimsuits or other items like your keys, phone, credit card or lip gloss to protect from water, all while avoiding the risk of ending up in a landfill!


The majority of JMP the Label women's line is currently made on the beautiful island of Bali by a female-owned boutique factory led by a 95% female management. All manufacturers are ethical and committed to providing safe, respectful and fair working conditions for their employees. Following the strict labor practices that are put forth in the United States as a guideline, employees of the factory are only expected to work the standard 8-hour day, and are paid fair wages, provided with pensions, healthcare, and continuing education opportunities. Our signature JMP crochet collections are handmade by Bali women in nearby villages, extending our values in supporting women and helping provide their families income.