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JMP The Label is a premier designer swimwear and apparel brand focused on natural beauty and body positivity.


Swimwear can be an intimate exposure, which is why JMP The Label’s mission is to empower women to embrace their beauty by normalizing beautiful, natural bodies of all sizes. JMP The Label features inclusive models of all shapes and complexions, while leading important conversations around positive body image, health and wellness, and gaining confidence in a swimsuit as well as all areas of life.

At JMP The Label, we are committed to redefining beauty standards and fostering a culture of body positivity and inclusivity in the realm of women's swimwear. With sizes offered up to 3XL, we celebrate the diversity of women's bodies by creating swimwear and apparel that empowers and embraces each unique shape, size, and identity. From skimpy to full coverage bikini bottoms, bandeau tops to full underwire support, and one piece designs for all, we recognize that each person is a work of art and deserves to feel like it!

We stand for more than just clothing... We stand for a movement that encourages women to love themselves unapologetically. Together, lets redefine beauty standards and celebrate the diversity that makes each of us uniquely beautiful.

MTV's Siesta Key star, Juliette Porter, grew up in the gorgeous beach city of Sarasota, Florida. Juliette always dreamed of creating the perfect fashionable swimsuit that fit well and could also keep up with her active lifestyle. When she met veteran swimwear designer and factory owner, Jaymi Washburn, the two instantly connected. After many years of designing for brands but not being able to fit into the product, Jaymi was eager to design a size inclusive fashion forward line. They joined forces and began creating the magic of JMP The Label.

Juliette's keen eye for trend, comfort and luxury is perfectly matched with Jaymi's ability to design a line that appeals to many different women and provides a great fit with incredible detailing.